Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loaf Pan Organizer - MY version

Good morning to you!!... or good evening if it's already night time!

A few weeks ago I came across a picture of a tin loaf pan organizer and fell in love!  After tracking it down, it looks like it actually came from, which is fabulous! There are two versions posted on their site.  One was posted by Lisa Gerber and the other, a remake by ReadyMade.

Well... I just HAD to have one, but I wanted a few modifications.  I added a little wooden shelf that I made from a piece of fence panel.  I think it turned out adorable! What do you think? 

How to make

- 3 old metal loaf pans
- 2 equal lengths of chain
- 6 S hooks
- 2 pieces of wood, equal in length (equal to or greater than the length of your pans)
- drill w/ 1/4" drill bit and screw bit
- 2 90 degree angle brackets
- 6 short screws (1/2")
- 4 long screws (1")
- Paint: color of your choice (optional)
- Paint brush (optional)

- Paint your wood pieces now if you plan on painting them.
- Attach the two pieces of wood together using your brackets and small screws.
- Drill two holes, one on each side of the pan, 1" from the edge of the tin and close to the top edge.
- Measure the distance between these two holes and repeat on each tin.
- Attach the chain to the shelf using small screws. Chains should be spaced apart the same size as the holes in your tins.
- Attach the pans to the chains using your S hooks.

- It's easier to make if you mount the shelf to the wall after you make it and then attach everything.
- If you want to secure your pans to the wall (I did), use a screw in the bottom curve of the pan.
- If you want more security, you can always screw the bottom of the chains to the wall.

If you would like to make one of these and need any help, just send me an email with any questions.  If you do make one, I would LOVE to see it!

Have a fabulous day!!!

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  1. What a creative idea!!
    love how u take something old and make use of it!!

  2. Very creative idea ~ ! linked it to FB ^_^


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