Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Chair Makeover...

Well, I found it!  My first chair makeover victom  contestant!  One of my customers requested something special, so I headed to one of my favorite thrift stores to see what I could find.  I pull into the parking lot eager to see the furniture sitting outside (it's usually great deals).  A dresser and side table... not bad.  A folding table and chairs... no thanks.  An electric scooter... I actually laughed out loud at that one - ha!  And then I saw them... CHAIRS!  My eyes drifted from chair to chair unimpressed until... there she was! 

Such a sweet little chair.  All she needed was someone to take her home and give her some TLC.  Short on green and space, I told myself I would only get her if the price was REALLY right.  I asked the cashier how much she was.  Her reply?  Ready?  Drum roll......  ONE DOLLAR!  Yes, that's $1.00!  Holy cow!  So, needless to say, I took her, and a fabulous vintage lamp that I couldn't pass up, home with me!

- Strong body
- Firm cushion
- Interesting design
- Casters - LOVE the casters!

The BAD:
- Nothing really, just a few splintering pieces on the woven part.

- The fabric
- "Brass" strips down the legs and around body - ewwwww
- Outdated color

So, I'm thinking a new coat of white paint (I know, just what this world needs... another white chair - shhhh!) and some updated fabric.  One problem... I can't decide on the fabric!!! A shabby floral? Stripes? Polka dots? Yellow?  Green?  Blue?  Here are a few that I like... 

 Any thoughts? 

Stay tuned for updates!


Well, I finally finished it!  I think my $1.00 chair makeover turned out fabulous! 

The only thing I haven't done is screw the bottom cushion back on. I misplaced the screws and haven't been to the great Home Depot to get more... So, I figured I would show it as is... although the seat is sitting a bit crooked at the moment.

It's going to look lovely in my living room.  A great replacement for my old rocking chair!



  1. I see the potential in that chair. Caning is always cool. What I would do with the color of the wood, in order to deserve the fabric that I picked (the one on the bottom), is to sand off most of the dark finish until you have just a few remaining spots here and there. Then I would simply coat it with a clear varnish that has a wee bit of a sheen to it. This will brighten the overall look of the chair and allow it to be incorporated into more rooms as an eclectic piece. I really like that bottom fabric. I like the softness of the look and the print. Best of luck to you!!

  2. Coming over from the etsy blog team! Love this makeover!! :) Stumbled you! :)

  3. WoW! Great job on your chair!!
    I have 2 im in the process of refinishing!!...hope they look as good when Im done!!
    check them out :)

  4. Love the chair! Have stumbled you!
    From the etsy blog team :)

  5. It did turn out fabulous! Great fabric choice.


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